There are courses taught throughout the year ranging from 1 hour sessions all the way to semester long classes.  While the content of the courses might change they are all geared towards topics relevant to immunologists.  These classes range from the basics of R and statistics, to very specific topics such as tutorials on ImageJ.  Each course is taught on campus. 


Intro to R

Taught in the fall and spring. The course lasts 6 weeks and covers beginning R for non-programmers.


Statistics for Biologists

2 day course taught several times a year
Similar to STAT-100 and STAT-150, covers topics ranging from summary statistics to PCA and t-SNE.  This course is meant for biologists who do not have a strong command of statistics. 


Image Analysis

This course is taught in the spring and is primarily meant for people who are trying to analyze confocal data and pathology slides. 
The class runs for 6 weeks. It covers how to use CellProfiler, ImageJ, and basic image analysis with matlab.



This course is taught in the fall over 5 weeks.  It focuses on tool and data analysis methods used by immunologists in analyzing large datasets. Some of the topics covered are the use of IMMGEN, and the MHC Database.


RNA-Seq analysis / Single Cell RNA-seq analysis

Courses are taught in the fall and last around 5 weeks.  They are meant to introduce students to the O2 cluster as well as the different tools that can be used for example STAR, DESeq2, Cell Ranger Count, Seurat. Students are expected to have some experience with R and a basic working understanding of statistics.