Laboratory Animal Research Organizations

aaalac logo AAALAC International: A private nonprofit organization that promotes the humane treatment of animals in science through voluntary accreditation and assessment programs.
AALAS logo AALAS American Association for Laboratory Animal Science: A membership association of laboratory animal science professional dedicated to the humane care and treatment of laboratory animals.
OLAW logo NIH OLAW, National Institutes of Health Office of Laboratory Animal Welfare: Provides guidance and regulations on the Humane Care and Use of Laboratory Animals, including links to download official NIH PHS Policy guide.

Gnotobiotic Resources

Association for Gnotobiotics                             Association for Gnotobiotics: The mission of the Association for Gnotobiotics is to connect colleagues interested in advancing knowledge and technologies associated with the generation, care, and use of germ-free and defined flora laboratory models and to foster communication through modern technology, seminars, and meetings.